The History and Current Wonders of Montreal

You’ve heard the name and you suspect it’s one of those French town in Canada but Montreal is often times ignored and misunderstood. Apart from being the second largest city in Canada, it’s also one of the oldest with a fascinating culture and history with a mix of European and American influences.

Montreal Mural

More than just a city

The City of Saints, as Montreal is often called, doesn’t disappoint when it comes to historical buildings and festivals, not a surprise as it was founded in 1642 but the French settlers. It has a population of over 4 Million people living on this tiny island of less than 500 squared km. It was named after its most famous mountain: the “Mount Royal” or royal mountain. You probably picture Montreal under the snow, and you would be right 50% of the time.

You can expect long and harsh winter yet intense and sunny summers. The four seasons are clearly defined and you’ll need plenty of warm clothing to get your through the darkest months. If you’ve been taking French lesson, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to use it in Montreal as the majority of habitants speaks French at home.

Montreal Snow

Cultured and full of life

It is an important centre of commerce in industries such as technology, gambling, pharmaceuticals and culture. Don’t miss your chance to visit the Casino de Montreal for a splendid show or place some bets or better yet play online at Nostalgia Casino. We might be biased but we consider Montreal to be one of the most liveable city in the world. Don’t take our word for it, take the Global Liveability Ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit – 14th out of 140 cities.

If you travel to Montreal in the summer, chances are you’ll get to experience a festival of some sort whether it’s the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Just For Laugh Festival or the Formula One Grand Prix. You’re bound to enjoy yourself in this lively city.