Viva Las Vegas and the Future of Gambling

Despite the rising popularity of Macau and other Asian gambling destinations, Las Vegas is still considered the shining symbol of casino tourism in the world. With its Asian influence, Asian-themed casinos are now being built by the dozens in the Vegas landscape in order to attract this new demographic tourism.

Vegas during the day

The Impact of Chinese Tourism

The Chinese have been gambling enthusiasts for years and are often times considered high rollers or VIP players. With the increase of the uber wealthy population in China as well as the sheer number potential Chinese tourists, it makes sense that Vegas developer put a bet on it.  The number of direct flights between China and Las Vegas has boomed in the past five years on top of the Asian-themed casinos to try to entice Chinese travellers.

That’s on top of the Asian inspired hotel, the proliferation of Chinese restaurants and Chinese speaking customer service employees. That mix of American flavours and the familiarity of the Chinese themed has been much appreciated by Chinese gamblers. It’s not surprising that casino operators are trying to appeal to the undeserved niche market.

Vegas at Night

A Common Effort to Ensure Las Vegas’s Future

This is also an effort from the government and private entities to create new jobs in Vegas, especially to tailor to Chinese skilled immigration. It’s good news for Vegas as over 80% of its visitors are from the United States. Expanding its source of visitors might reverse the downward trend that has been hurting the city since the early 2000s. Las Vegas can thanks Canada and Mexico for the rest of the international visitors.

Growing competition from international cities such as Macau has taken a toll of the overall gambling industry revenues outside of China. However, we bet more lovers are choosing Las Vegas as a wedding destination over Macau any day. Definitely Sin City won’t lose its appeal anytime soon.