Discover Macau, China: The World’s Gambling Capital

If you haven’t heard of the city of Macau by now, you must have been living under a rock for the past five years. Macau is located in the south-east of China and is considered a special administrative district just like Hong Kong. Formerly a Portuguese colony, Macau has definitely taken advantage of its special status to establish itself the main gambling destination in the world, beating Las Vegas many times over.

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G’Day Mate, Welcome to Sydney!

Before stepping out of the plane at the Sydney airport, you can tell the city is special by flying over the golden light of its waves and beaches. You can tell you’ve landed in paradise without stepping a foot outside. The weather is always unreservedly generous, enough to make you forget every rough snow storm you’ve ever been through.

With that beautiful weather comes a general relaxed attitude about life and work. Life is generally sweet, no need to rush and if you’ve got some free time you can just head to the beach for a BBQ. It might sound like a dream to the majority of the world population but for Sydneysider it’s just a Saturday as usual.

Cricket Player

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The History and Current Wonders of Montreal

You’ve heard the name and you suspect it’s one of those French town in Canada but Montreal is often times ignored and misunderstood. Apart from being the second largest city in Canada, it’s also one of the oldest with a fascinating culture and history with a mix of European and American influences.

Montreal Mural

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Viva Las Vegas and the Future of Gambling

Despite the rising popularity of Macau and other Asian gambling destinations, Las Vegas is still considered the shining symbol of casino tourism in the world. With its Asian influence, Asian-themed casinos are now being built by the dozens in the Vegas landscape in order to attract this new demographic tourism.

Vegas during the day

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